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little boxes font

By Kevin Richey at Aug 23, 2018
very simple looking, but so many rules! i wanted to stick to four boxes to make each glyph (using only 3 vertical and 3 horizontal lines) and found it to be creatively challenging... i hope you like it... this is the second version that now comes with all caps, lower case and full standard punctuation...
<style type="text/css">
    src:url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/l/498/1498/file/littleboxes.medium.ttf") format("woff"),
    url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/l/498/1498/file/littleboxes.medium.ttf") format("opentype"),
    url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/l/498/1498/file/littleboxes.medium.ttf") format("truetype");
littleboxes Medium