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Kanalisirung font

By Peter Wiegel at Aug 02, 2018
Translated from the original German description: I have said it elsewhere before, the forum at Typografie.info is one of the sites I like to visit.

There is a very professional exchange of knowledge on topics related to typography and design. Sure,not everyone agrees all the time, but that's a good thing. On the other hand, it is also often very entertaining and so there was a thread in which the conversation revolved around manhole covers.

Manhole cover? Yes, even manhole covers fit into this theme. Have you ever looked down at what you are walking on? Meanwhile, there are indeed often only modern, standardized specimens, but in some places you will find just also evidence from the period, in the German cities for the first time after having received public sanitation. So just even this sign of Erfurt has wandered into this forum, and it raised the question of whether there was perhaps would also be a font that contains such a strange letter G. Of course it did not exist, because the label of these old manhole covers were mostly made ​​of foundry model farmers who had mostly to do with writing very little.

I relish this topic, of course, and I have made myself the same evening about drawing a very similar font, which of course includes this strange G. After just two hours then the first version was put online. That was not really meant so seriously, but before members advised me, but expand this font to a complete font. So here it is, my Kanalisirung, and yes, without the strain e, as you wrote it. So have fun with it.

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Kanalisirung Regular