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Dragon Harbour font

By S. John Ross at Jul 22, 2018
Dragon Harbour isn't a Uresia-specific font by any stretch, but it's named for Coatestown, a city that had considerable dragon troubles a few years ago. I'm doing a Coatestown piece right now for a tsunami-relief charity project, so I've had both dragons and harbours (note the Canadian spelling!) on the brain. I doodled this font during a writing break while pondering a draft of the city map. This is an all-caps font, but otherwise has a full keyboard set, plus a few of the usual extras. It's free for non-commercial use; enjoy!
<style type="text/css">
    src:url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/d/96/96/file/dragon-harbour.regular.ttf") format("woff"),
    url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/d/96/96/file/dragon-harbour.regular.ttf") format("opentype"),
    url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/d/96/96/file/dragon-harbour.regular.ttf") format("truetype");
Dragon Harbour Regular