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Pinto Lunaire font

By heaven castro - E-mail: [email protected] at Oct 21, 2018
The Pinto Lunaire font is a clone of late-Sixties font, Pinto Flare. It has a lunatic taste.
To access "R" with a tail, use the lowercase letter "r".
Ray Larabie says: «Based on a late-Sixties font called “Pinto Flare”; famous for its use in the titles for the TV program “The Price is Right”.»
<style type="text/css">
    src:url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/p/694/7694/file/PintoLunaire.ttf") format("woff"),
    url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/p/694/7694/file/PintoLunaire.ttf") format("opentype"),
    url("https://dafonttop.com/wp-data/p/694/7694/file/PintoLunaire.ttf") format("truetype");
Pinto Lunaire Regular